28th TREK 1OO - JUNE 3, 2017

2016 Trek 100 Fundraising Prizes

Thank you for riding in the 27th Annual Trek 100 Ride for Hope!

Here are the prizes to choose from at each fundraising level.

Fundraising Level Prizes
Raise $5000
and Select From:
  • TREK Domane S4*
  • Aura 5 Wheelset*
Raise $2500
and Select From:
  • TREK 7.4 FX*
  • Paradigm Comp Wheelset*
Raise $1250
and Select From:
  • TREK 7.1FX
  • Bontrager XXX Road Shoes
Raise $1000
and Select:
  • Ion Transmitr Combo
Raise $750
and Select:
  • Ion 700 R Headlight
Raise $500
and Select:
  • Flare R Tail Light
Raise $250
and Select:
  • Bontrager Charger Pump
Donate your prize:
  • You may choose to donate your prize to the MACC Fund.

*TREK Bicycle Corporation generously donates all of the TREK 100 prizes. The IRS requires that riders receiving prizes in excess of $600 fair market value receive an IRS Form #1099. The MACC Fund, Inc. will send this form by January 31, 2017 as required. We encourage you to consult with your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of personal contributions and expenses incurred during your TREK 100 efforts.



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